Populate current date use getCurrentDBDate()

SimpleAMImpl am = (SimpleAMImpl) pageContext.getApplicationModule(webBean);
SimpleDateFormat format = new SimpleDateFormat(“yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss.S”);
SimpleDateFormat formatDate = new SimpleDateFormat(“yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss”);
oracle.jbo.domain.Date convertDate = applicationModule.getOADBTransaction().getCurrentDBDate();
java.util.Date date = format.parse(convertDate.toString());
String convStr = formatDate.format(date);
System.out.println(“Date from database: ”+convertDate.toString());
System.out.println(“java.util.Date: “+date.toString());
System.out.println(“String date: “+convStr);

ขอแปะ code ไว้ก่อนแล้วจะมาอธิบายนะครับ

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